Why Park Bank
Why Park Bank - Choosing Your Business Bank

Choosing Your Business Bank

Park Bank believes lasting relationships must be built on mutual benefit and a good fit. With that in mind, here are some questions to consider in six key areas.

Quality & Range of Products

Are the products and services scalable to your future needs?
Is there value for the price you are paying?

Expertise & Experience

Does the bank have a record of working with businesses in your industry?
Do they demonstrate decisions that go beyond the numbers, considering your specific situation and goals?

Responsiveness & Flexibility

Does the bank consistently meet your timeframes for decisions and actions?
Does the bank tailor services to meet your needs?

Relationship Management

Does the banker show determination to make things happen on your behalf?
How much time do they invest in understanding your business?

Negotiation, Pricing & Structure

Is the negotiation process a constructive give and take?
Is there consistency in the words and actions throughout the process?

Organizational & Cultural Fit

What's the bank's record in terms of turnover in personnel, ownership and leadership?
If your banker were to leave, would another senior-level banker know your business enough to step right in?