What does success look like to you?

The best part of what we do at Park Bank is getting to know what success looks like through the eyes of our customers. With a hands-on approach to truly understanding your business goals, we can put our experience and resources to work to help you achieve them. Click to learn more about what success looks like for some of our customers below.


Kelmann        Joseph


Tackling adversity as a team to be the best supplier


For CSE owner, Tom Savio, success is meeting adversity head-on to be the best company in the industry. And this means being the best overall supplier to each company CSE serves, not just the best promotional or uniform supplier – the impetus for the company’s success.


When the recession hit in 2008 and CSE’s industry was particularly impacted, many other companies weren’t able to succeed. Yet Tom has always believed how you handle adversity is the largest part of success. He had built a committed team of employees excited to contribute to the overall success of the company, and he remained committed to his team without letting a single employee go. Together, they buckled down, showed resiliency, and worked with conviction to delight every customer, large and small. this means being the best overall supplier to each company CSE serves, not just the best promotional or uniform supplier – the impetus for the company’s success. 


So when CSE, the company Tom’s father started out of his house, reached the $40 million revenue level to double from the recession, it was truly a milestone for the entire team to celebrate from CSE to Park Bank, and a true testament to CSE’s delivery on the promise to be the best overall supplier. 


“What makes a company great is not how you handle the good times, it’s how you handle the tough ones. Great teamwork is undefeated, and from our team here at CSE to our team at Park Bank, this collectively achieved milestone speaks volumes to that.”

 Tom Savio, Owner & CEO, Caliendo-Savio Enterprises, Inc.

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Kelmann Restoration

A Legacy Built on Sharing Principles


Tom & DogFor Jerry Kelly, success is passing along a legacy built on sound principles to his son, Tom. Spanning 42 years at Kelmann Restoration, his greatest joy is seeing his son carry on the business with the same integrity and honest approach – being there for those in times of need to help them preserve their memories and those things that matter most. For Tom, the family business transition has been happening for a lifetime from running jobs as a boy with his dad, to summer work with crews during college, and into his role of leadership today.


workers“Any father with a family business dreams of having a child take on the family business someday, and with Park Bank’s help, that dream has become a reality. Tom is not only running it, he’s excelling at it and I couldn’t be more proud.”
– Jerry Kelly

As Kelmann has provided reliable, quality disaster recovery services through the years, Park Bank has stood by with unwavering support as their consistent banking partner, supporting the Kellys through every restoration service project. For the Kellys, it’s not just about restoring homes or buildings after a disaster, it’s about restoring the lives of people in need in their community. It’s this commitment to the people they serve that shines through in everything they do, and we are proud to help preserve the foundation of their legacy.

with banker“In business and in life, relationships are everything. My father is my great mentor, advisor and friend, and our relationship through working together has grown even stronger. Our relationship with Park Bank is built on the same principles. They’re always there to help and advise us whenever we need it, and we truly count on them.” 

– Tom Kelly

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The Joseph Family

Developing more than real estate

Joseph Family

For the Joseph family, success is leaving a legacy for generations to come. From legendary Milwaukee real estate developer, George Bockl, to second and third generation developers, Leon and Robert Joseph, the trade, tradition, work-ethic and passion for creating meaningful, durable structures lives on today and for the future. Each project they’ve undertaken begins as a pile of raw materials, transformed through a creative vision into an edifice that will enhance the community for years to come.

 Joseph Building

“Real-estate development is a very creative business in which you take diverse elements and coalesce them into something with meaning that when complete gives you a great sense of gratification. Our relationship with Park Bank has helped us to achieve this success – fulfilling our wishes, dreams and hopes.”
– Leon Joseph

Since 1993, Park Bank has been there with steadfast dependence, every step of the way, to support each unique and challenging project the family pursues. So when Robert Joseph set out to revive the Prospect Mall in Milwaukee, an iconic development he watched his grandfather build decades ago, Park Bank was there to help make sure the family legacy lived on.

“My partnership with Park Bank is based on true relationship banking. They know, understand and compliment my business. They’re probably the most important business relationship I have.” 

– Robert Joseph, Joseph Property Development

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