Safe & secure login process

We’ve made the process for logging in to Park Bank Online Banking and Park Bank Mobile more secure, yet streamlined to improve your experience while helping keep your information safe. To understand what’s changing, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which we hope you’ll find useful.

What is changing about the login process?

You will no longer need to:
  • Verify your picture and phrase 
  • Register your computer or mobile device 
  • Answer two of four challenge questions 
  • Change your password every 90 days
We have replaced the way you used to log in with a more secure, behind-the-scene process. However, there may be times we don’t recognize your computer, User ID or Password so we may request additional information by asking you to either: 
  • Confirm a one-time security code via phone call or text message 
  • Answer randomly generated questions correctly

What are the Password requirements?

Your password is case sensitive and must include both letters and numbers. It must be at least six characters in length and cannot include more than 32 characters. It cannot begin or end with a space and cannot include a single quotation mark, a double quotation mark, a comma, a greater-than symbol, or a less-than symbol.

Can I still log in from anywhere on

Yes, you will still be able to enter your User ID on any page of our website, and then you’ll go to another page to enter your Password just as you do now.

Why are you changing the login process?

As technology continues to evolve, we keep an eye on the best ways to provide you convenience that’s balanced with security. This new process is more secure, but also more streamlined to make the way you log in easier. Only in those rare occasions when we cannot verify your computer/mobile device, User ID or Password will we require you to take additional steps.

What happens if you don’t recognize my computer or mobile device, User ID or Password?

We will ask you to go through an additional step to verify your login. You can choose to either:
  • Receive a one-time security code: We have one or more phone numbers on record for you. You can choose to have us call or send you a text message to confirm a short, numeric code. Once you successfully confirm that code, you can continue to log in.
  • Answer randomly generated questions: We’ll ask you to provide your first and last name, and date of birth so we can generate four questions (often referred to as out-of-wallet questions) to which only you should know the answer. Once you successfully answer those questions, you can continue to log in.

What happens if I am travelling internationally and can’t confirm the one-time security code?

If we’re unable to identify your computer/mobile device, User ID or Password, you have two options to verify your login. We can call or text you internationally if your mobile phone is enabled to do so. If your mobile phone is not enabled to receive calls or text messages internationally, you can choose the other option to answer four, randomly generated questions.

Where do these randomly generated questions come from?

We pull from millions of aggregated public records to generate the questions. You may be familiar with these questions, often referred to as out-of-wallet questions, from other activities you’ve done online like applying for a credit card.

What if I need to update the phone numbers you have on record for me?

Please contact us during business hours page at 414.466.8000. Your personal banker will also contact you ahead of this change to confirm the phone numbers we have on file.