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Letters of Credit

Letters of credit give you greater control over your international and domestic trade activities by reducing your payment and collection risks and improving operational efficiency.

Turn to us for proven experience coupled with precise knowledge of the latest regulations. We’ll structure and finance letters of credit to enhance your sales efforts and streamline your international trade transactions.

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  • Enhance your credit position by providing added assurance to your business suppliers and partners in domestic and international trade.
  • We stand by your ability to pay or meet your obligations by providing a financial guarantee that all agreed-upon conditions will be met:
    • in lieu of bid and performance bonds
    • as credit enhancement for Industrial Revenue Bonds
    • to support advance payment and payment guarantees
    • to supplement credit limits with suppliers
    • as a secondary means of payment to creditors
  • Ensure payment when you sell goods overseas.
  • Park Bank checks the authenticity of the letter of credit, examines the required documents after shipment is made and forwards the documents to the issuing bank for review and payment.
  • Ensure that import shipments and documents comply with your agreed-upon terms.
  • Park Bank issues letters of credit on your behalf, verifies that your supplier’s documents are in order and pays your supplier.

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