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International Services

Park Bank has the resources, capabilities and access to an international banking network to help your business enter or expand in the global market – whatever stage of commercial trade you’re in.

Turn to Park Bank's international banking services for:

  • The personal attention of a Milwaukee-based, privately owned bank.
  • Resources and tools to expedite international trade and foreign banking relationships.
  • A collaborative approach that balances your short- and long-term goals.

Import Services

Contact Park Bank today to streamline the complex import process and protect your business' financial interests.

Import Letters of Credit
  • One of the most secure methods of importing goods.
  • Governed by internationally accepted rules.
  • Ensure that import shipments are made and that the supplier’s documents comply with your agreed-upon letter of credit terms – before you pay.

Learn more about Letters of Credit provided by Park Bank.

Import Documentary Collections
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional letters of credit when two credit-worthy parties have developed a solid relationship.
  • Expedite and assure the proper processing and delivery of documents to you and of your payments to the supplier.
  • Park Bank and the exporter’s/supplier’s bank act as intermediaries in the collection of trade payments.

Learn more about how a documentary collection works.

Export Services

Turn to Park Bank to reduce your financial risks and make sure you get paid appropriately when doing business internationally.

Export Letters of Credit
  • Ensure that you are paid when exporting goods.
  • Buyer's bank pays you according to agreed-upon terms.
  • With a Letter of Credit Confirmation, our banking network assures that you receive payment as an exporter when in compliance with the terms of the letter, regardless of the stability of the issuing bank or country involved.

Learn more about Letters of Credit provided by Park Bank.

Export Documentary Collections
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional letters of credit when two credit-worthy parties have developed a solid relationship.
  • Expedite processing while maintaining control over the transfer of shipping documents, goods and funds.
  • Documents and payments are controlled by intermediary banks until payment is made or draft is processed. Park Bank acts on your behalf in an Export Documentary Collection.

Learn more about how a documentary collection works.

Foreign Exchange Services

Park Bank provides foreign currency exchange services to protect your profit margins from currency fluctuations.

Foreign Currency Exchange
  • We offer competitive foreign currency exchange rates that are determined when you purchase or sell the currency.
  • Foreign currency for purchases and sales are available for pickup in one to two business days, depending on type of currency, at any Park Bank location in southeastern Wisconsin.
  • To place an order, call Rosmarie Colla at 414.616.4445.
Foreign Currency Hedging
  • Forward contracts and other strategic options manage foreign exchange risk effectively.
  • Eliminate uncertainty associated with changing currency values.
Foreign Currency Wire Transfers
  • Save money when you complete an international money transfer in foreign currency.
  • You may also pay lower international bank fees by avoiding intermediaries to complete the payment.
  • Currency payments go directly to the payee’s bank account overseas within the industry standard delivery time.
International Check Clearing
  • Present your foreign checks in most major currencies for collection.

Trade Finance

Take advantage of Park Bank's tools to increase international exports, orders and inventory.

Standby Letters of Credit
  • Enhance your business' credit position by providing added assurance to your business suppliers and partners in domestic and international trade.
  • We stand by your ability to pay or meet your obligations by providing a financial guarantee once all conditions are met, stating that all agreed upon conditions will be met:
    • in lieu of bid and performance bonds;
    • as credit enhancement for Industrial Revenue Bonds;
    • to support trade-related advance payment, bid, performance and warranty guarantees;
    • to supplement credit limits with suppliers; and 
    • as a secondary means of payment to creditors.

Discover more about our Letters of Credit provided by Park Bank.

SBA Export Working Capital
  • Provides pre- and post-export financing for procurement, inventory, receivables or production of orders.
  • Park Bank is a preferred lender in the SBA’s Export Working Capital Program.

International Payments

Make fast, secure money transfers in U.S. dollars or foreign currencies to vendors and other partners across the globe with Park Bank.

International Wire Transfers
  • Wire transfers are the fastest and most efficient way to transmit money in U.S. dollars or foreign currencies around the world.
  • When you send a wire in foreign currency, the recipient doesn't have to wait for the overseas bank to accept it and convert the funds to local currency.
Foreign Bank Drafts
  • One of the most convenient and economical ways to make an overseas payment.
  • Checks denominated in foreign currency are drawn against funds deposited in a foreign bank, so they clear locally in the beneficiary's home country.
Foreign-Currency & Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Ideal for businesses with offices or plants overseas.
  • Simplify regular and frequent foreign currency transactions, receivables and funding.
  • Eliminate foreign exchange conversion.

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