Every Success has a story.

Park Bank is proud to work with so many driven business owners and leaders in our region. Each has a unique view about what success means to them. That’s why we work hard to understand their business and strive to find solutions in ways as individual and creative as they are.

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Throughout my 11 year relationship with Park Bank, I have been consistently impressed with the company’s mentality of always “getting to yes.” From my banker, Heather, to the supportive culture surrounding her, Park Bank implements creative strategies, always finding a way to facilitate my requests. 

I began working with Park Bank more than a decade ago, at the height of the real estate boom. Through the ups and downs of the market, Park Bank always had faith in me and my company—even when other banks were unable to stay in business. As an example of this, back in 2017, within just four business days, Park Bank provided a creative solution that enabled my company to successfully navigate tax law changes. This is just one example of my banker’s commitment to my business.  

Through all these years, the culture at Park Bank has remained consistent—responsive, supportive, creative and committed to getting the job done. They hold the same philosophy of “getting to yes” that has helped my business succeed and grow. I currently have working relationships with several banks, but Park Bank remains my number one go-to because of their unwavering partnership and determination to meet my needs.  

Pieper Properties aims to provide distinctive, cutting edge, cost effective, responsive, urban working and living spaces for progressive people; I don’t want people to settle for living or working environments in which they aren’t happy. Park Bank does the same for me—I don’t ever feel like I’m settling for a bank that doesn’t care about me or my business, or who doesn’t reciprocate in our relationship. Today, as construction costs continue to rise, I’m thankful to feel supported by my bank. I’m enthusiastic to see how office and residential spaces continue to transform, and with the help of Park Bank, the role Pieper Properties will take in continuing to shape Milwaukee.   

• 80% of commercial customers are small businesses. 
• Currently serves 60 residents; another 35 residential units will be available later in 2018.
• Has been in business for 21 years.
• Two buildings are at 95% occupancy. 
• Pieper Properties manages (and has previously developed) a total of 286,000 square feet of space.
• Pieper’s newest building is 46,000 square feet. 

Ann Pieper Eisenbrown | Owner, President
Pieper Properties

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Wisconsin Utility Exposure values tradition, trust and solid relationships. Our company has shared a long-standing partnership with Park Bank that began with my father. Given this proven trust, when it came time to securing a financial partner in 2001, Park Bank was my clear choice. 

In 2008, at a time when many other companies were downsizing or closing their doors, Wisconsin Utility Exposure was thriving — thanks, in part, to the financial support we received. Through Park Bank, we leveraged loans to purchase equipment sold by companies who were closing. Park Bank gave us the ability to take advantage of a market downturn by facilitating our ability to achieve growth during this volatile time. Over the past 16 years, we’ve added one new truck to our fleet annually and realized a consistent 20% increase in revenue, year over year. 

Hydrovac excavating is quickly becoming known as the best, safest practice when working around underground utilities. As the industry continues to advance, Park Bank consistently provides the support needed to successfully move our business into the future. And as our business grows, so do the services we require, including 401k accounts and money management solutions. At Park Bank, we’re getting all the services of a national bank, with the added bonus of a personal touch to each interaction. Our banker is dedicated to fostering our relationship and understanding our company operations, which allows for seamless, smooth transactions. We appreciate the bank’s emphasis on relationship building; it’s this core value that serves as the foundation of our partnership.   

• 20-25% revenue growth per year.
• Add one new truck and two new employees per year.
• Current fleet contains 14 hydrovac trucks and 8 pickup trucks.
• Trucks cost $500k each. 
• First loan with Park Bank was for $550k. 

Kim Wehse | President 
Wisconsin Utility Exposure  

Steve Wyderka | Operations Manager 
Wisconsin Utility Exposure 

Lori Roberts | Vice President  
Wisconsin Utility Exposure  

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TRC Global Mobility

As a full-service relocation management company, TRC Global Mobility provides customized programs that facilitate talent relocation across the globe. While many of our competitors offer similar services, we provide increased value in our personalized approach. Park Bank is similar in that it delivers customized solutions for its customers, serving as a flexible partner dedicated to supporting business goals. 

TRC Global Mobility is unique in that our usage of credit lines is not traditional. Our cash flow is intensive and there is a lengthy period of time between our financial distributions and subsequent collection of funds. Despite all of this, dealing with Park Bank has been extremely straightforward. When we began a search for a financial partner in 2016, Park Bank was willing to conduct deep research on our company and recognize that there was a viable justification to the loans we were requesting. We were provided large-sum loans for very little corporate collateral—all because Park Bank went the extra mile to understand the legitimacy of our business and our non-traditional revenue stream process.  

We recognize that the success of our company would not have been possible without the support, flexibility and trust that Park Bank has provided. TRC Global Mobility transitioned to an employee-owned company in 2016. Today, each and every employee is invested in the company’s success—as is Park Bank—and we look forward to continuing the momentum we’ve built into 2018 and beyond.   

• Currently have 69 total employees. 
• Company facilitated 4,000 worldwide moves in 2017. 
• Seek to double the size of the company (increase by 200%) in the next five years. 
• 25% revenue growth from 2015-2017. 
• 12% volume growth from 2015-2017. 

Paul Haislmaier | CEO & Chairman of the Board
TRC Global Mobility 

Sean Lickver | President
TRC Global Mobility 

Amy Kust | Chief Financial Officer
TRC Global Mobility 
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Plasti-Coil / Tri-Tec Corp

I dedicate my life to cutting out waste. The tight-tolerance parts produced by my injection molding companies must be precise and without waste in order to be effective. This is the same reason I continue to be a loyal business customer at Park Bank. 

Park Bank offers the services I need to effectively run my business—the ability to conduct business and transfer funds online, on-site training of my staff, responsiveness for troubleshooting issues, and more—without the hassle that comes with some large banks. I also value my relationship with my banker, Paul, who provides expertise when I need it and gives me room to run my business when I don’t. 

I was referred to Park Bank by TLX Technologies when I was preparing to build a 20,000 square foot addition to my injection molding plant. Park Bank didn’t waste time and resources appraising unrelated business assets or property as collateral as they worked to meet my financing request. The approval process was streamlined and straightforward, and I was able to focus on building construction and other non-financial decisions necessary to the project. 

Looking forward, I plan to continue growing my businesses in Wisconsin and providing job opportunities for the community. I’m confident that I will maintain the ability to meet these goals with the backing and support of Park Bank.   

• A 21,000 square foot building addition was finalized in October 2017.
• Owns 60,000 total square feet of space.
• Currently has 65 customers.
• 45% of business is with Midwest-based companies.

Lawrence P. Austin | President/CEO
Plasti-Coil / Tri-Tec Corp

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I started Wantable in 2012 to deliver a customized touch to online clothing shopping. The company’s success is grounded in our highly-trained and skilled staff. It’s no surprise, then, that one of the many facts I value about my relationship with Park Bank is the high-quality service I receive. I maintain a solid, one-on-one relationship with my banker, who has a wealth of experience, holds a deep understanding of my business and takes a vested interest in Wantable’s success. I truly believe it’s this relationship and support that has allowed me to build Wantable to its market position today—according to Inc. Magazine, the Fastest Growing Company in Milwaukee for 2017. 

This year, Park Bank facilitated a lease line that allowed us to standardize our office space and replace all of our office furniture. Now, my 110 employees have a better work environment with the tools to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently—which has a direct impact on employee morale. 

Since the late 1990s, each of the three companies I’ve owned has held a relationship with Park Bank. My very first line of credit was with Park Bank, and throughout our 20 year relationship, they have consistently upheld their reputation of being the best choice for business banking, serving as a one-stop shop for all my banking needs.   

• Company sales grew by 80% in 2017.
• Employee count grew by 60% in 2017. 
• Currently employ 110 individuals.
• Purchased more than 200 new pieces of furniture in 2017.
• Shipped nearly 1.7 million products last year – each of which went across one of two digital scales financed via Park Bank. 

Jalem Getz | President
Wantable, Inc.  
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