Ken Murray, President of Huth-Ben Pearson International vetted dozens of companies and half a dozen banks to find the perfect match to support his dream of owning and operating a business. Ken shares how Park Bank supported his vision.

Ken Murray with banker, Paul Jelacic

Paul Jelacic, Park Bank with Ken Murray, President of Huth-Ben Pearson International

After vetting a handful of banking partners for my acquisition, Park Bank emerged as the clear choice. Even after involving a local private equity group, the Park Bank team remained amenable, creating the favorable and flexible terms I needed. They really seemed to get my vision from the very beginning, and were clear in their willingness to work with me.

Facing the challenges of any small business trying to compete and grow, you need a banking partner that’s willing to adapt to present, changing demands while also looking at expansion opportunities down the road. Having open, frequent communication with Paul, he understands each stage of my business, and he’s always available to discuss options as we move forward. After working together for years now, we’ve established a track record built on trust, and that helps us to continue leaning forward a little bit.

Being the only USA-made manufacturer in the market, we need to stay agile to compete. Continuing to identify domestic and foreign distribution systems, and repositioning the company towards these growing markets, is a big part of our growth strategy. Park Bank gets it, and I’m confident they’ll be there to provide the resources and support to make it happen.

“The support I’ve received from Paul, Bryan and the entire team continues to be an asset I appreciate as much now as I did when we made the deal.”

Ken Murray, President of Huth-Ben Pearson International