Hein Electric Supply CEO Ron Kohlenberg uses a managerial style he calls MBWA – management by walking around. He knows all of his 64 associates by name and often knows their spouses’ and kids’ names, too. He prides himself on the family feel of the business, which extends to customers and sets Hein apart from the competition.

As Southeastern Wisconsin’s largest independent electrical distributor, Hein prides itself on being flexible to adjust to customers’ needs and requests. This independence is as important to Ron as it was to his predecessor and father Sid, and it’s one reason Hein has partnered with Park Bark for nearly three decades.

Banker, Craig Schmutzer with Ron and Alexa Kohlenburg, Hein Electric Supply

Craig Schmutzer (Park Bank, left) with Ron and Alexa (Hein Electric Supply)

Ron Kohlenburg, Hein Electric

“After nearly 30 years, Park Bank has been more than just a bank to us. They’re a resource that helps me run my business. They help us reach milestones financially, but they also help us evaluate opportunities. I hope my customers feel as strongly about our relationship with them as we do with Park Bank.”

Ron Kohlenberg, CEO, Hein Electric Supply Company

Ron says Park Bank treats him and his business like he wants to treat his own customers – with commitment and respect. With this, Hein has been able to thrive in strong markets and weather several economic downturns. Park Bank recently helped the company expand its distribution network by buying a larger facility, which Ron sees as greater than a brick and mortar investment. To his customers, it’s a sign of confidence that the company is growing; to his employees, it shows that the company is a good place to work; and to his competitors – it’s watch out!

Alexa Kohlenburg, Hein Electric

“As the third generation of the Kohlenberg family to be involved in the business, I appreciate the long-term relationship we have with Park Bank. I know they’re there to help me if I have any questions, which will help us continue to grow and thrive.”

Alexa Kohlenberg-Donnelly, Process Improvement Manager at Hein Electric Supply

Hein Electric Stats:

  • Carries 28,000 SKUs
  • 9 service center locations in southeastern Wisconsin
  • 62,000 square feet of distribution space in the Central Distribution Center
  • 64 associates – up from 43 a decade ago
  • In business since 1946
  • Has worked with Park Bank for almost 30 years

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