Doctor Philip Sonderman knows the importance of experience, credibility and personal care in his line of business. As a board certified plastic surgeon, his patients rely on him and his associates for individual attention and positive outcomes. In turn, he relies on satisfied patients to grow his plastic and reconstructive surgery practice. So moving his business relationship to Park Bank in 2012 felt like a natural choice for a busy physician looking for a flexible hands-on approach to help the office matters run smoothly.

Dr. Philip Sonderman, Greater Milwaukee Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Philip Sonderman (left), courtesy of Greater Milwaukee Plastic Surgeons, S.C.

Park Bank specializes in working with professional and medical service providers like Greater Milwaukee Plastic Surgeons by using a team approach to address all of the partnership’s needs:

  • financing for growth and exit strategies
  • lines of credit for seasonal fluctuations and year-end tax planning
  • cash flow management
  • private banking for professional households with complex schedules and needs

Greater Milwaukee Plastic Surgeons utilize the full services offered by Park Bank to manage their office and home banking needs so they can focus on delivering the best care and results.

Dr. Philip and Karen Sonderman

“Our banker takes care of all our banking needs every step of the way, for our business and our family. She makes our lives simple and removes all the confusion and hassles of banking.”

Dr. Philip & Karen Sonderman