The transformation started in 2003 when Monument Capital Partners, led by its Managing Director, Joe Schaffer bought the company. When Andy joined the ownership group and took over as CEO in 2005, they asked multiple CEOs from local businesses to recommend a long-term banking partner – and one name popped up again and again. For two years, they cultivated a relationship with Bryan Swanson and Dave Werner from Park Bank to make sure the fit was good for both parties. For them, it was important to have a tight relationship with their banker, who shared a like-minded approach to business. Since then, they’ve been moving at a rapid speed to transform the company into a forward-thinking, sustainable solutions provider.

Joe Schaffer and Andrew Barriear, Felins with banker, Bryan Swanson

Joe Schaffer (Felins), Bryan Swanson (Park Bank), Andrew Barrieau (Felins)

Andy Barrieau, Felins

“When we need something, Park Bank listens and finds a way to meet our needs. That’s very different from a lot of other banks. We work to understand our customers’ needs and find ways to make their business better. Park Bank's doing the same thing with us. They’re helping us take better care of our customers.”

Andrew Barrieau, president and CEO, Felins

For example, the company recently invested in an ERP system, new website and started a leasing business to accommodate customers who wanted to “try before they buy.” Andy appreciates the flexibility and ability to think outside the box, which allows him to create sustainable solutions for customers while creating a sustainable financial partnership for the company’s long-term success - through its 100th anniversary and beyond.

Felins Stats:

  • Has grown its non-print business by approximately 400% since 2010
  • Increased its workforce by 50% over the last two years
  • Employs 32 people
  • In business since 1921
Joe Schaffer, Felins

“After talking with Park Bank for about two years, I moved both of my local businesses to them over a relatively short period of time. Building a relationship was important and the experience after moving to Park Bank is exactly as they said it would be. I have found them to be people of their word, who are flexible and accommodating to our schedule. In fact, I give them a 100% in all areas of commitment, follow through, flexibility and delivery of the actual solution.”

Joe Schaffer, Managing Director and CEO of Monument Capital Partners, owner of Felins and Instrument Development Corporation