Joan and David Lloyd have been running their own businesses for more than 25 years. Joan Lloyd & Associates, Inc. offers executive coaching and organizational leadership strategies to businesses of all sizes in addition to her syndicated newspaper column Joan Lloyd at Work. Dr. David Lloyd has his own dental practice called Complete Dental Care located in Wauwatosa. For this power couple, business and personal life is naturally interlaced– bringing its own set of unique opportunities and needs.

Joan Lloyd

“It’s personal at Park Bank. And I like the consistency I experience, whether I’m talking to my banker who can handle both my business and personal needs, or the customer support area or in the branch. There’s no gap in the responsiveness or ease of working with Park Bank.”

Joan Lloyd

As professional service firm owners, time away from clients and patients is revenue lost, so keeping the back office running efficiently is critical. Solutions like online banking and a line of credit to manage the ebb and flow of client engagements help Joan stay front and center in her business. And having a dedicated banker to support their business and personal banking needs has been a time saver as well. So when they do have time together, they can actually focus on the activities they enjoy together, like traveling.

David Lloyd

“Our banker always keeps track of us. She wants to know about our life and big decisions that are coming up. We have never had a bank do that for us. And that makes us feel that we’re covered, that Park Bank has our back.”

Dr. David Lloyd