Beyond Vision has been offering manufacturing services to iconic Wisconsin companies since 1903. Additional services include business supplies manufacturing and fulfillment services to the government. In recent years, the nonprofit has expanded its offerings to include outsourced call center services for local and national businesses, database management services and website accessibility testing.

Here’s why:

  • Over 20 million American adults are experiencing blindness or vision loss.
  • 70% of Americans who are blind or visually impaired are unemployed.
  • Over 40,000 people in Milwaukee County alone are blind or visually impaired.
  • Every 7 minutes someone experiences vision loss.

Jim Kerlin with employees at Beyond Vision

Jim Kerlin, Beyond Vision CEO with employees at Beyond Vision

The source of greatest pride for Jim Kerlin, Beyond Vision CEO, is the cultural transformation within the organization. Jim describes the emerging culture as a runway, “a place for a person with vision loss to land or take off in their career; whether they would like to grow internally at Beyond Vision or externally as a teacher or trades worker, we’ll help with their career aspirations.” More than 50% of employees are legally blind. Beyond Vision employs 105 people at competitive wages in an integrated work environment in all levels of the organization.

Jim Kerlin

“Our relationship with Park Bank is built on a long history of trust. They have never wavered in their support of us and our mission over the decades, despite some very lean years. My board has confidence in Park Bank’s financial strength and commitment to our mission.”

Jim Kerlin, President and CEO, Beyond Vision

Park Bank’s relationship with Beyond Vision began in 1997 and according to Jim, the bank understands their needs and supports their mission in ways beyond banking. Today, the organization has outgrown their two facilities and are leasing a third facility. The need for space and services continues to grow, so Beyond Vision is embarking on an ambitious journey to build an Ability Center campus that encompasses multiple vision service providers in one location so people experiencing vision loss – and their families – will be able to walk through one door, and find ALL the support they need to live a full, unrestrained life.

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